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Project Overview

This case study outlines the user experience (UX) design and development process for the SPT mobile application and its corresponding web-based portal. Aimed at revolutionising how users browse, book, and attend events, the SPT app integrates cutting-edge features like facial verification and open banking, offering a seamless and secure user journey. Additionally, a dedicated module for event organisers enhances event management, ticket sales, and access to real-time analytics, ensuring a comprehensive ecosystem for both users and organisers.


Develop a user-centric hybrid application (Progressive Web App/Native App) for SPT that enables users to engage with events in a novel and secure manner, while providing event organizers with robust tools for event management and analytics.


User Registration and Verification

Challenge: Implementing a secure, yet user-friendly registration and verification process.

Utilising a combination of email/social media sign-ups with SMS-based verification, enhanced by auto-fill SMS verification codes and social media API integration for streamlined login experiences.


Onboarding and Customisation

Challenge: Personalising the user experience from the outset.


Solution: An interactive onboarding process that captures user preferences and location for personalised event recommendations, utilising stored data to tailor the Discover Page.


Discover Page

Challenge: Keeping the event discovery process dynamic and relevant.


Solution: A real-time updated home page featuring personalised event recommendations, enhanced by smooth integration of search and filtering capabilities.


Event Browsing and Ticketing

Challenge: Providing a detailed, personalised event browsing experience with secure and versatile payment options.


Solution: Integration of detailed event pages with options for ticket purchase via facial verification, open banking, and card payments, ensuring user choice and security.

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Outcomes and Reflections:

  • Foundation for Future Projects: This website has laid the groundwork for ongoing collaboration with SPT, including the development of an app that’s gaining international attention.

  • Industry Recognition: The project has helped SPT gain recognition in the global event and security landscape, attracting interest from prominent names in the industry.

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