Songwriter Circle Club (SWC)


Presto Fox was thrilled to collaborate with Songwriter Circle Club, a unique and vibrant community of songwriters, to create an engaging online platform. Our involvement extended from designing the SWC logo and business branding to developing a bespoke website with a Facebook-like group programme, exclusively for SWC members. This case study showcases the creative and technical expertise Presto Fox brought to the project, resulting in a dynamic, user-friendly site that fosters musical creativity and collaboration.

Project Scope and Goals:

Presto Fox was tasked with a comprehensive scope of work for SWC, encompassing logo design, business branding, and website development. A key goal was to create a platform that would enable SWC members to sign up for membership, upload their monthly songs, and interact with each other through likes, shares, and comments. We focused on ensuring that the website mirrored the community’s vibrancy and creativity, represented by the fun and bright yellow branding.

Technical Features:

The website features an integrated and custom-developed group programme, resembling the functionality of Facebook groups but tailored for SWC’s unique needs. Members can easily upload songs, engage with other members’ compositions, and manage their profiles. A significant technical achievement was the development of an audio file converter, which seamlessly transforms any audio file format into MP3 upon upload, enhancing user experience.

Challenges and Solutions:

Presto Fox faced and overcame several challenges, most notably in testing and fine-tuning the website’s functionality. Initially, non-MP3 audio uploads were a hurdle. Our solution was a bespoke system that automatically converts all audio files to MP3 format upon upload, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for members.

Outcomes and Impact:

The SWC website has become a hub of musical creativity, with over 200 songs written, uploaded, and critiqued. This vibrant engagement is a testament to the website’s success in fostering a collaborative and supportive community for songwriters.


Visuals and Branding:

The visual identity of SWC, characterised by a fun and bright yellow theme, reflects the creativity and energy of the songwriting community. Presto Fox meticulously crafted this aesthetic to resonate with the spirit of SWC, ensuring a visually appealing and inspiring user experience.


Future Plans:


Presto Fox looks forward to a continued partnership with SWC. As the community grows and evolves, we are committed to providing ongoing support and implementing new features as needed.




  • “Presto Fox’s approachability and helpful nature are some of the aspects that I really like about them.” – Gráinne Hunt, Founder of SWC.
  • “Christine and Beth were always willing to speak to me or schedule a call as soon as possible. Site work took place within and to a deadline.”
  • “I’ve already passed on their details to a few people. Would absolutely recommend.”
  • “Excellent value – The other quotes I received for the same work were more expensive.”
  • “Excellent team to work with.”


The partnership between SWC and Presto Fox has been a journey of creative synergy and technical innovation. Through our combined efforts, we’ve delivered a platform that not only meets the unique needs of the SWC community but also serves as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration for songwriters worldwide.


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