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Transforming Event and Workplace Security with Secure Port Technology’s Progressive Web App


Secure Port Technology (SPT), a leading provider of secure event and workplace solutions, approached Presto Fox to help bring their cutting-edge idea to life. Over the course of two years, Presto Fox collaborated closely with SPT to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) that revolutionised the way events and workplaces manage security processes. This case study highlights the challenges, solutions, and outcomes achieved through the partnership between SPT and Presto Fox.

Client Background:

Secure Port Technology (SPT) offers a comprehensive and unique solution for secure, end-to-end entry and in-location processes for ticketed and monitored events and workplaces. Their services include pre, during, and post-event security measures, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees and enhanced safety for organisers. SPT’s offerings include ticket purchases, digital wallets, facial verification, real-time overview, distribution, and open banking integration.

Challenges and Objectives:

Before partnering with Presto Fox, SPT faced several challenges in their security processes. Traditional ticketing systems were often inefficient and prone to counterfeiting, leading to revenue losses and compromised security. Additionally, the lack of real-time insights and visibility made it difficult for event organisers to effectively manage crowds and respond to security incidents promptly. SPT needed a modern, scalable solution to overcome these challenges and deliver a seamless, secure experience for their clients.

Our Solutions:

Secure Ticket Purchases:

The PWA incorporated a secure ticketing system, eliminating counterfeit tickets and ensuring a seamless purchasing experience for attendees. Integration with open banking allowed for secure payment transactions.

Digital Wallets:

SPT’s PWA integrated digital wallets, allowing users to store their tickets, identification, and payment information securely in one place. This simplified the entry process and reduced the need for physical documents.

Facial Verification:

Leveraging facial recognition technology, the PWA enabled fast and secure identity verification at entry points. This feature significantly enhanced security by reducing the risk of fraudulent access.

Real-time Overview:

The PWA provided event organisers with a comprehensive, real-time overview of attendee data, including ticket sales, entry logs, and crowd analytics. This data-driven approach empowered organisers to make informed decisions and respond quickly to security concerns.

Distribution Channels:

The PWA offered seamless distribution channels for event tickets, making it easy for organisers to reach a wider audience and improve ticket sales.


Presto Fox embraced a systematic approach to address SPT’s challenges and turn their vision into a cutting-edge PWA:

Requirement Gathering:

The Presto Fox team conducted in-depth discussions with SPT to understand their goals, target audience, and desired features for the PWA.

User-Centric Design:

Presto Fox’s design team crafted an intuitive and user-friendly interface, focusing on a smooth user experience while incorporating SPT’s branding elements.

PWA Development:

Leveraging the power of modern web technologies, Presto Fox built a responsive and scalable PWA that worked seamlessly across various devices and platforms.

Facial Verification System:

Utilising advanced facial recognition algorithms, Presto Fox implemented a secure and reliable facial verification system for identity authentication.

Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard:

The development team integrated real-time data feeds to provide organisers with instant insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions during events.

Digital Wallet and Open Banking:

Presto Fox worked closely with financial institutions to integrate secure digital wallet functionalities and open banking APIs, ensuring smooth and secure transactions within the PWA.

Our Conclusion:

The collaboration between SPT and Presto Fox resulted in the successful development and deployment of a cutting-edge PWA that transformed the event and workplace management industry. The key outcomes included:

  1. Enhanced Security: SPT’s PWA significantly improved security measures by seamlessly integrating facial verification and real-time monitoring, ensuring a safe environment for event attendees and workplace occupants.
  2. Convenient Ticketing: The digital wallet integration facilitated smooth and secure ticket purchases, reducing friction for attendees during the entry process.
  3. Real-Time Insights: The real-time monitoring dashboard provided organisers with invaluable insights, enabling them to respond promptly to any arising situations and optimise event operations.
  4. Secure Financial Transactions: The incorporation of open banking APIs ensured secure and hassle-free

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