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Community Hub for GAA Blog


Technologies And Tools Used In The Project

Project Overview

The goal was to develop a WordPress website that would serve as a central hub for GAA news, quizzes, and user engagement, named “The Gaelic Corner.” Understanding the importance of regular content updates and the desire for a platform that fosters a strong community of GAA enthusiasts, we were committed to creating a site that was both user-friendly and efficient for content management.

Design & Navigation

We implemented a black and white colour scheme that incorporated the ‘TGC’ logo. The design was kept clean, with simple navigation inspired by the styles of sites like Benchwarmers.ie and Balls.ie.

Content Sections

We created categories for Gaelic Football, Hurling, Ladies, Quizzes, etc., with tagging options for easy article categorisation.


Social media content and Google AdSense were embedded to ensure monetisation and seamless social media integration, encouraging users to visit the website for full stories and videos.

Quiz Functionality

We  added a plugin similar to Sporcle, allowing users to participate in quizzes directly on the site. This was aimed at increasing user engagement and time spent on the website.

SEO Strategy

We introduced basic SEO and keyword strategies to help the content rank effectively on search engines. This was crucial for increasing visibility and attracting more visitors from target demographics.


Tools were integrated to monitor site traffic, viewer demographics, and article performance. This allowed for real-time insights into which content resonated most with the audience.

Project Reflection

This project underscored the importance of creating a dedicated platform for niche communities. By focusing on the specific interests of GAA enthusiasts and providing a mix of news, interactive quizzes, and user engagement features, “The Gaelic Corner” was positioned to become a beloved resource within the GAA community. The integration of social media functionalities, coupled with a strategic approach to content management and SEO, paved the way for a successful website launch. The project also highlighted the value of analytics in understanding user behaviours and preferences, guiding future content and feature enhancements.

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