Logo Design

Let Your Brand's Voice Echo

East Sussex's hub for innovative and professional logo design. Specialising in crafting unique logos, we are committed to elevating local businesses in Brighton, Hastings, Eastbourne, and beyond. Our bespoke designs not only reflect your brand’s identity but also resonate with the vibrant spirit of East Sussex.

Our Logo Design

Below you will see our process of creating a bespoke logo. These cover the following processes.


1. Discovering Your Vision

2. Crafting Your Identity

3. Refining Your Logo

4. Finalising Your Masterpiece

Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with a conversation. We delve into your business ethos, goals, and the core values you want your logo to reflect. This initial consultation, whether in person in East Sussex or via a virtual meeting, is where we lay the groundwork for a logo that truly represents your brand.

Research and Conceptualisation

With your vision in mind, our team conducts thorough research, focusing on your industry, target audience, and current trends. We blend this insight with creative innovation to conceptualise unique logo ideas.

Design Drafting

Our designers then translate these concepts into visual representations. We create several draft designs, offering you a range of styles and approaches. This phase is all about exploring possibilities and finding the perfect visual expression for your brand.

Feedback and Revisions

Your input is crucial. We invite you to review the drafts and share your thoughts. Based on your feedback, we refine and revise the designs, ensuring every element aligns with your vision and expectations.

Delivery of Your Logo

Once you're completely satisfied, we finalise your logo. You receive the final design in various file formats, suitable for all types of usage - from print to digital platforms. We ensure you have everything you need to integrate your new logo into your branding seamlessly.


Showcasing Our Creativity and Expertise

Our Portfolio is a testament to our dedication to design excellence. Each logo in our collection is not just a design; it's a story of collaboration, creativity, and bespoke solutions. Explore our portfolio to see how we've transformed business identities across East Sussex and beyond.

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