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Presto Fox SEO Campaign Approach: A Roadmap to
Digital Dominancet

Our approach to SEO is methodical and results-driven. We’ve broken it down into eight comprehensive steps, ensuring thoroughness and effectiveness.




Website & Competitive Analysis

Our initial step involves a detailed examination of your website, focusing on technical SEO aspects and competitor benchmarking.

Keyword Research

Utilising advanced tools, we identify both broad and niche-specific keywords, with a special emphasis on long-tail phrases for higher conversion rates.

On-Page Optimisation

We meticulously enhance your website’s content and structure for optimal search engine visibility.

Ethical Link Building

Our approach to link building is transparent and adheres to Google’s guidelines, focusing on relevance and authority.

Trusted Site Submissions

We strategically position your website in front of reputable and authoritative domains, enhancing its credibility.

Regular Reporting

Stay informed with our weekly and monthly reports, detailing your keyword rankings and overall SEO performance.

Local SEO Excellence

For businesses targeting local markets, we optimise for geo-specific keywords and ensure local search visibility.

Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Our commitment to your SEO success is continuous, ensuring sustained traffic growth and ROI.


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Get in Touch with Our SEO Specialists

We’re quick to respond – expect a reply within 1-2 business hours!

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