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Technologies And Tools Used In The Project

Project Overview

Grainne approached us with the vision of creating a unique social media-like website, “Songwriter Circle Club,” catering specifically to songwriters. The aim was to offer a membership-based platform where users could engage in songwriting activities, share their work, and connect with fellow musicians.

Objectives And Challenges

The primary goal was to build a platform that not only allowed for social interaction among songwriters but also provided a space for creative collaboration. The challenge lay in crafting a user-friendly interface that mimicked popular social media functionalities while focusing on the niche needs of songwriters.

Design And Execution

Landing Page Development: We utilised WordPress to develop a welcoming and informative landing page, enabling visitors to sign up and get in touch with ease.

Portal Creation

In the backend, we designed a custom-coded portal. This portal featured monthly songwriting prompts, fostering community engagement and creativity.

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Social Media Features

I integrated third-party tools like BuddyPress, enabling functionalities such as uploading songs, videos, pictures, and commenting on posts, essentially creating a mini Facebook for songwriters.


I emphasised a seamless user experience, mirroring popular social media interfaces to ensure intuitiveness and ease of use.

Outcomes And Reflections

Successful Launch: The project was completed in just over 8 weeks, launching successfully without any interface issues.


Since its inception in 2021, the website has been performing strongly, fostering a vibrant community of songwriters.


Grainne has been satisfied with the platform, which has served as a unique and engaging space for songwriters to connect and collaborate.


Niche Platform Development: I gained substantial experience in developing social media-like platforms tailored to specific communities, in this case, songwriters.


Integration of Social Media Elements: We learned more about the intricacies of integrating social media functionalities into a membership website, enhancing user engagement and interaction.


Balancing Creativity and Functionality: We developed a keen understanding of balancing creative needs with functional design, particularly in a niche artistic domain.

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